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We all know the power of a great corporate brand. As a consumer, it's likely that you make choices based on brand affinity rather than evaluating everything in the market. Have you thought about your own personal and professional brand in this way? What if you could capitalize on your values, strengths and perception to market yourself as the whole package? This webinar will dive into personal brand. The goal is for you to walk away with an understanding of the value of personal brand, tools to identify your own and action steps for you to maximize on personal brand affinity. More
Starts Starts: 10/23/2018 1:00 PM
Sessions Session: 1
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Effective business writers know that a well-defined purpose, attention to the reader’s needs, a clearly articulated structure, and the fewest, best-chosen words strengthen the documents they create. The aim of this course is to develop those strengths, all of which contribute to your organization’s success. You’ll see when writing may be less effective than other modes of communicating; how to meet the challenges that various kinds of business documents present; and how you can produce useful documents even under tights deadlines. This course is intended for writers whose work contributes to the day-today-functioning of their organizations. To complete your registration in this course, please submit a sample of your own business writing. Please send at least two pages, either a single document or a few shorter ones. The possibilities include emails, memos, formal letters, reports, minutes, and proposals—in short, any document that represents the kind of business writing you most often do. **Please send all writing samples to SkillLab@charleskochinstitute.org by October 5** More
Starts Starts: 10/24/2018 11:30 AM
Sessions Sessions: 2
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