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We all encounter people who disagree with or are new to our ideas. Whether we're talking with friends, family, or a stranger at happy hour, everyone dreads those highly controversial conversations. How do you carry a conversation leaving the other person genuinely interested in ideas of freedom and well-being?
Through instruction and active simulations this two-part workshop will empower you with the art of persuasion. You will be equipped with the ability to understand your audience, find the best argument, and message principled social change.
Starts Starts: 8/14/2018 1:00 PM
Sessions Sessions: 2
Location Location:
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When you sit down to write, would you like to feel confident that you can produce a good piece of work, even when time is short? This course presents a step-by-step process that many professional writers use to gain that confidence and produce effective documents. You will explore how to move your ideas from your mind to the screen and then in front of your reader’s eyes—with less stress and in less time than you now spend.

This course is designed for those who are moving from academic to on-the-job writing and for those who suffer from writer's block or think their current way of writing no longer serves them well.

By the end of this course, you will
• appreciate why it’s important to write with a well-defined purpose and a sense of your reader;
• explore techniques to organize, draft, revise, and edit;
• find out how to produce an error-free text;
• take more pleasure in the writing you do, on and off the job.

To complete your registration in this course, please submit a writing sample. Choose your sample from the kinds of documents you most often write in connection with your work. The list of possibilities includes letters, memos, blog posts, proposals, editorials, legal briefs, and book reviews.

Your sample, along with those of the other participants, will help the instructor tailor the program to the particular interests and needs of the group. She will also use excerpts from the samples, anonymously and constructively, in the manual, on the slides, and in the exercises. In short, your sample helps ensure that the time you invest in the course will be time well spent.

**Please send all writing samples to SkillLab@charleskochinstitute.org by August 6**
Starts Starts: 8/22/2018 12:00 PM
Sessions Sessions: 2
Location Location:
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